"Just like a man needs praises and rewards to be motivated in his job, a child needs encouraging words more than pressure to excel in his studies."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sew Handy

I finally decided not to ask for a sewing machine. That is after 爸爸 finally agreed to buy one for me. :P I wouldn't have the time to use it so I rather not buy it to collect dust and waste space at the same time. :P

I still find time to sew, especially when I'm stress. And I find it really handy to bring my sewing stuff with me to 妹妹's Chinese enrichment school. It's a great way to pass time (2 hours!). So far I have completed 2 bags, one each on her last 2 lessons, while waiting for her to finish class.

Maybe I might ask for a sewing machine one day again but for the moment, I'm happy with the old fashion way of hand sewing.

Flowery Blossom

Sharing some of the pictures on the flower blooms I mentioned yesterday. Trees on both sides of the road with full blooms.

妹妹's favourite tree with the most flowers in darker pink.

Flowers covered grass which 哥哥 said looked like snow from far.

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